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Our approach yields a Higher Overall Efficiency.

Our goal is to carry out and enhance daily Human Resources functions and activities, and to gain the client satisfaction through our streamlined services addressed below.

A growing company which is seeking for Increase its opportunity to achieve strategic growth, must have an HR team that goes with it. If not, most will see a drop in efficiency.

As part of our service strategy is that overall efficiency warrant can be transferred to the company entity within its managerial hierarchy as well as a company may not need HR positions to focus on developing people’s talents and skills.

Basically, our human resource services approach relates to all parts of the business, through which, the services are provided to the employees in a standard way

Vision and Mission

A vision statement is the anchor point of having a long term strategic plan, whereas a mission statement provides the plan for attaining strategic objectives and activities.

Organizational chart

Organizational chart is important for the company to demonstrate its clear and strong structure. The diagram will help the company's divisions to cooperate in a harmony.

HR Manual

The company's human resources manual and code of conduct define set of principles that obligates itself to follow, and pushes its employees to adhere to them.

JA and JD

Job description is a document indicating what a job covers. Jobs are analyzed to identify the requirements needed for employees to be successful on the job .

Employees Files

The Objective of having employee’s files rely on the mandatory forms to be included, for the effective and efficient management of employees, and securing both rights of employer and employees.

Regulations and Penalties

Regulations are the path a company draws for its employees to safely accomplish the planned tasks, whereas Penalties are the tools that a company uses as corrective measures.

S.I. & Labor bureaus Services

The pillar of any company is to build legal employment bases and receive a right services related to Insurance and Labor bureaus.

Recruiting Services

Egypt has a high unemployment rate, and despite millions are looking for work, companies still paying a great effort to recruit the right people.

Payroll Services

Our small business payroll services make complex payroll tasks simple by including a right solution to the company payroll.

SAP – HR user trainings

train and enable the end users of SAP- HR module to make progress dealing with the system, and issuing reports.