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Kochiken – the best crypto project launchpad on binance smart chain

We coined the term “TriFi” to describe the three primary functions of Kochi Ken’s ecosystem – revenue sharing utilities, NFTs with utilities, and a memecoin. This groundbreaking revenue sharing model enables the Kochi Pack the opportunity to earn passive income from the success of our products and KOCHI’s token value.

KOCHI is the fuel to the TriFi KochiKen ecosystem and your ticket to joining the Kochi Pack. Each token represents a share – the more KOCHI you stake, the higher your USDT dividends will be.

KOCHI token stakers share 50% of Kochi’s ecosystem revenue. Both Kochi token & NFT stakers will also be granted raffle tickets to win upcoming KochiPad presale whitelists and access future real-time DeFi analytics.

Launchpad – KOCHIPAD

Kochipad, our flagship product, allows token projects to host presales on our platform with a very advantageous fee structure of not collecting tokens. This means we can’t negatively impact the chart through profit taking. Our business model is all about sharing. Out of all the fees collected, 50% will be going towards the team and 50% to Kochi token stakers.

Web Browser Extension – Blocky

Blocky is a free Chrome, Brave, KochikenBSC & Firefox web brower extension that protects you from crypto scam websites that steal your coins. When investors mint NFTs on scam websites they could either get their wallet swiped or mint a fake, worthless contract that robs your wallet. Blocky fights crypto scamming sites with a simple, multi-color paw icon system that alerts you when the website you’re on is about to rekt you.

Telegram Bots – Blaze Bot

Show off your token’s bullish buys with our custom-coded & customizable “Blaze Bot” Telegram buy bot. Our freemium buy bot was made with Kochi’s “Super Boost” fast data-fetching tech & has unique features including gif rotation, extra chart links, amount of tokens the buyer has, & more.


Join the Kochi Pack by grabbing “Kochi Collective” NFTs in 2022. Simply stake your Kochi NFTs on our Kochipad Platform to receive amazing perks including being entered into raffles to win Tier 1 whitelists for KochikenBSC upcoming KochiPad presales. A team of artists designed these special Genesis NFTs with 7 unique traits including different utility properties. Join our chat rooms and newsletter today to win a whitelist spot!

Genesis Collection NFTs

One-of-One NFTs

Dropping in 2022

Special Traits Give You KochiPad Presale Whitelists

Win a Whitelist Via Telegram, Contests & Newsletter

What are the KOCHI token’s taxes?

The buy & sell taxes are both 7%:

4% Marketing

2% Development

1% Liquidity Pool

Where can I buy Kochi tokens?

You can buy $KOCHI on PancakeSwap. The contract address will be posted after we launch.

How do I get USDT?

You can buy BEP-20 USDT on most centralized exchanges such as Binance, Kucoin, Bitmart, ByBit, etc. and send it over to your MetaMask wallet to buy KOCHI

Kochi Ken is not an investment and is a meme parody like Shiba Inu.

Kochi Ken makes no promises and is not responsible for any financial losses or errors. Use at your own risk.

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